Today Show and where to send people!

Greetings! Repair Cafe of the Hudson Valley and Catskills has an exciting opportunity to be on The Today Show for Earth Day, on Friday April 21. Coming UP!!! We want to figure out the best places to send people who inquire from various parts of the country. Thoughts please? Don Fick, are you still moderating this? Hi if so.

Melissa Everett
[email protected]

Hi @meverett -

I think the exposure for the community repair movement will be a huge boost to everyone’s efforts.

In Spring 2021, I collaborated with your intern Fiona to produce a directory of programs that identified as Repair Café or subscribed to the same core principles. The result is published here:

It is due for updates but is probably better than anything else out there.

Updates can be sent to me here or by email to [email protected]