Resources for Sharing

A place to post and share your Repair Café RESOURCE.

A listing of various sites including technical manual providers that may be of value for repairers. Repair Cafe OnLine Resources

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A general tool and repair materials inventory form that could be of use by Repair Cafe locations.Repair Cafe Tool Box Inventory

Wow, this is a great list! I will share with my repair economy wa fixers google group

I suggest adding Sears Parts Direct ( It’s often one of my first places to look for exploded parts diagrams on major appliances. Their prices are a little higher than Amazon but they often have parts that are difficult to find. AND, it’s at least a good way to find the part numbers.

[Full disclosure: I worked in the Sears Parts Department for a couple years while in college. I draw on that experience everytime I fix my washing machine.]

Very good lists.