Liability Policy Quote

At today’s Zoom Open Call for US Organizers, I presented a liability policy quote from Progressive Insurance underwritten by Hiscox Insurance. The PDF of that quote is attached.

Triangle Repair Network NC GL Quote Proposal.pdf (396.6 KB)

The context for this quote is a Repair Café group in North Carolina organized as a 501©3 called Triangle Repair Network.


  • Protect Volunteers, Guests and Hosts
  • Include Completed Operations Coverage
  • No need to protect the following:
    • Revenue: Group has Minimal Revenue ($3,000 per year)
    • No Business Property Protection
    • No provision of In-home service
  • The Volunteers have:
    • No professional training
    • No background checks
  • Policy does not need to include Errors and Omissions Coverage

At $500/year I think this is probably the cheapest you can get 1 year of coverage including Completed Operations coverage which is key. Completed Operations covers the use of a repaired item after the guest takes it home.

The period of Completed Operations coverage is only while the policy is in force (or subsequently renewed). I haven’t read the entire policy but I encourage you to call Progressive yourself to find out if this is right for your group.

Progressive Commercial
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