iFixit-Five Cities Repair Cafe Filmed for Documentary

What an incredible day we had at the iFixit Repair Café in San Luis Obispo, CA on April 30th. Neighbors turned out in strong numbers. Someone from Ohio even dropped by!

We were celebrating the 20th anniversary of iFixit championing the Right to Repair movement. The UK Grain Media filmmakers who were making a documentary of the proceedings had a wealth of options to capture. Our Fixers were busy pretty much the entire time. Even the weather was nearly perfect with mild temperatures and no wind!

Without further ado, here are the numbers:

                                                       Fixed               Partial                Nope

(6) Bikes 5 1 0
(21) General Repair 11 6 4
(3) Jewelry 2 1 0
(29) Electronics (phones, etc) 12 10 7
(13) Sewing/Mending 12 1 0
(27) Small Appliances 19 4 4
(2) Technical Advice 1 1 0
(52) Tool/Knife Sharpening 52 0 0

That’s 114 Fixed and 24 Partially Fixed Items of 153 Tickets with a 90% Success Rate. How fabulous is that?!

There are great photos of the day to share. Here is an album link. Enjoy!

We will keep in touch with the filmmakers for a timeline on when the documentary will be released on one of the big streaming services for everyone to see and share. The 90-minute film will address the issues surrounding waste and offer solutions - one of which will be the advent of community repair cafes. Stay tuned!