A New Directory of US Repair Cafés

Today we are announcing a new online directory of Repair Cafés in the US. You can visit it here:


You may receive an email inviting you to review the contact info for you and your café. Please update the information so the directory can be as complete as possible. Your personal information is only available to other organizers (unless you list it as the email contact for your café).

All Repair Café branded groups and groups that follow the Repair Café program are included.

If you don’t receive an email, please let me know.

– Don

Hi Don:

I’ve noticed that our group contact is not displayed with the directory. Please add the following to the Toledo Repair Cafe:

Toledo Repair Café

eMail: [email protected]

Facebook: Toledo Repair Café or Toledo Repair Cafe

Website: Toledo Repair Cafe

Notice also that our group (Toledo Repair Cafe) is different than the Repair Cafe Toledo in that the latter is located in Spain and the former in the USA.


@jkrochmalny This has been updated. Toledo Repair Café

Thanks, Don.


Website: JKrochmalny

Skype: jkrochmalny